Total Maintenance Team

Total Maintenance Team – our client since January 2016

Hello Jim & Great Bear team,

I am just now realizing the amazing work that you are both doing for keeping me ranked so high on Google. The feedback I am getting, not to mention the amount of website hits that 90 percent turn into is keeping my business thriving. I need to address your accomplishments on a forum for all to view – you guys rock. In the last two or three months the amount of work the website has generated is mind boggling and so many people want to write all positive reviews but I do not know how to go about that.

I know you asked me a while ago to write something about Great Bear Web Design, if you could forward a format to use I would appreciate it, so I can pay it forward with you guys. My company would be not existing without the site and Google ratings, so again you have been awesome and keeping my business thriving, pls let me know how I can help generating a letter of recommendation for your company.

Thx, David

David Cargo, Owner
Total Maintenance Team