River City Plumbing & Heating

River City Plumbing & Heating Ltd. – our client since January 2009

Hi Jim,

I just want to say thank you, because over the years you have been nothing but helpful and always positive. Starting with Sun Coast Plumbing and Heating Ltd when websites were just starting to be a very purposeful tool and a must for businesses, you guided me through the process showing me what and how to proceed. You changed with the times and let me know how I should also change my marketing strategies. I’ve always been at the top of the Google search list and this has helped my business grow and prosper.

I sold Sun Coast plumbing and moved to a new location in Campbell River. I started a new company, River City Plumbing and Heating Ltd, and you were the first to help me set up my new website when no one else in my trade had a website. It worked great then and still is to this day. I have many compliments on my website and I thank you very much for helping me for the last 20 years.

Thanks again,

Dean Hunt, Owner
River City Plumbing & Heating Ltd.